On the Inside track…

It’s nice to be noticed. As one of the students in Centennial College’s Corporate Communications and Public Relations program, it seems our group is constantly in the spotlight nowadays, thanks to our instructor Gary Schlee’s push to get us into the world of social media.

For those of you following the latest on Inside PR, the online podcast which talks about trends in the world of public relations, you’ll know that hosts, David Jones and Terry Fallis, recently commemorated their 100th show with a live taping at Centennial’s Centre for Creative Communications.

CC&PR students watch a live taping of show #100 for Inside PR

We students had a chance to voice our questions live on the show and get answers from two professionals who have worked in the business long enough to identify new trends and understand the ways to use them.

However, I think the event was especially useful to our new first semester students who are just beginning to learn about the value of social media and its impact on the world of public relations.

That said, though, I would love to hear from any of them about what they thought of the show and the growth of social media. Perhaps they might have some valuable insight which we all could learn from. Any of you guys have a comment?

(The picture provided was taken from Inside PR (www.insidepr.ca) and shot by Gary Schlee)


4 Responses

  1. Joe, thanks for being a part of the show and for the post to help us commemorate the milestone. One thing students should be aware of is that the world of social media really tears down barriers between the senior practitioners and the just-starting-out. Through the magic of blogging and podcasting, students are engaging in thoughtful discussions with people who have 15, 20, 30 years of experience. You don’t get that chance in a 15 minute info interview.

    Your classmates should take advantage and get themselves noticed by adding to discussions, asking questions and challenging some of the PR bloggers with what’s on their minds.

  2. Hi Joe,

    While I’m not a fellow Centennial College PR student, I am a fellow PR student. And so, perhaps I can offer a few thoughts from a student new to social media and Inside PR’s 100th podcast.

    First of all, I only began listening to Inside PR recently, but so far I’ve been impressed with how great the content is for budding PR practitioners. I especially enjoyed that Terry and Dave took their show to the classroom…I’m jealous I wasn’t there!

    You ask for comments regarding the growth of social media and its impact on public relations and all I have to say is that I wish I’d read/heard about this booming practice months ago! I feel so far behind the times already and I had no idea.

    My favorite thing about blogging in particular so far is that there’s such a great community of PR people out there, students and professionals alike all learning from each other and helping to advance the conversation even further! I’m so glad to be apart of it.

  3. Hi Dave, thanks for the great comment! I agree with you. Social media has definitely opened doors for us CC&PR students in ways we never thought possible!

    We have had the chance to meet and talk with seasoned professionals in the social media space, debate with others about its value to the world of PR and even play a role in helping you and Terry commemorate your 100th show.

    All of these opportunities have been given to us, thanks to Centennial’s (or mostly Gary Schlee’s) commitment to providing students with the latest education in upcoming trends.

    Its surprising many schools haven’t realized the value of getting their students into the social media space.

    Outside of the obvious benefit of strengthening personal reputations and brands, being part of the social media space also teaches us better ways to communicate with our publics.

    To me that, in essence, is the foundation of good public relations.

  4. Hi Kerri! Great comment, and thanks for getting involved in the conversation!

    In fact, I think you should be very proud of yourself! You aren’t behind the times at all. In fact, you (like many of us) are now part of the social media sphere and helping to develop it as a new trend in communications.

    We have been told in our classes, on numerous occasions, that education in social media is not as common as one would think. Far too many schools seem to disregard it and focus on other elements as more important to PR.

    While I think it’s important to develop all around skills, keeping abreast of new trends in communications will make you a more valuable asset to the industry and companies looking to hire.

    You have already given yourself that value, by getting involved. Until I came to Centennial, I didn’t realize the value of social media. Now, I can see its value because of the tangible benefits it has brought us.

    Being a part of Inside PR would never have happened if we weren’t involved in the social media space. And meeting seasoned professionals and having discussions with them about various aspects of PR would never have happened if I hadn’t gotten involved.

    By blogging you have also given yourself that opportunity to move ahead against others who have foregone getting involved. That makes you a smart communicator! Thanks again for commenting, and I’ll add you to my blogroll! Cheers! Joe

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