No spam please!

Wow, three posts in about a week. Definitely a first for me. Well, this post is more of an update for my readers. A while back I changed the settings on my blog because I was getting weird comments posted to it from even weirder emails/people/sources.

Turns out I was being spammed up the wazoo; and even worse than that, the spam was linking my name to material on the internet that I really don’t want to be linked to. (Think pornography)

Anyways, to get rid of it, I changed the settings to force people who wanted to leave a comment to log in. Not the best way to encourage readers to respond. Anyways, just wanted to let everyone know that’s changed and that I will continue to monitor my blog, and comments, to ensure I don’t get anymore spam.

Oh, and if you do happen to see my name linked to something inappropriate, please give me the benefit of the doubt before casting me off into pervertsville. Thanks!


One Response

  1. Hey Joe,

    Yay, I had wanted to comment on a previous post, but didn’t know what was going on with the whole log-in thing….I definitely have a though or two on your job search post 😉 Will leave it later tho! Glad you’re back!


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