Talk is Cheap … again

Talk is Cheap, the social media “unconference” first organized by former Centennial College CC&PR program director, Gary Schlee, is back. The unconference, which will be held on November 12 at Centennial’s Centre for Creative Communications will feature a variety of speakers, all talking about the latest trends in social media.

The first time Talk is Cheap was held back in 2007, I was a student in the CC&PR program. I, along with some of my fellow classmates, helped organize the event under Gary’s direction. Despite a limited budget, our relative inexperience with event management and a pretty short timeline, it turned out to be a bigger success than we expected.

More than 160 people came out to listen to over 20 presentations by other communicators and PR professionals about their experiences using social media in public relations.

Because I was helping out during the first conference, I didn’t get a chance to attend any of the seminars. This time around, however, I will make the most of this opportunity, listening to, and hopefully learning a lot about, how I can use social media to the advantage of my organization, Markham Stouffville Hospital.

I’ll also get a chance to see what the new CC&PR class is like and perhaps have the opportunity to hear what they have to say now that Gary has retired and no longer teaching.

So, for any of you looking to get some clear, sound and professional advice about how to use social media in your everyday work, I encourage you to attend Talk is Cheap 2.0. It will very likely be a fun, interesting and informative event as well as a great chance to meet other PR professionals in Toronto.

You can register for Talk is Cheap by heading to the wiki at this link and following the directions.


On the Inside track…

It’s nice to be noticed. As one of the students in Centennial College’s Corporate Communications and Public Relations program, it seems our group is constantly in the spotlight nowadays, thanks to our instructor Gary Schlee’s push to get us into the world of social media.

For those of you following the latest on Inside PR, the online podcast which talks about trends in the world of public relations, you’ll know that hosts, David Jones and Terry Fallis, recently commemorated their 100th show with a live taping at Centennial’s Centre for Creative Communications.

CC&PR students watch a live taping of show #100 for Inside PR

We students had a chance to voice our questions live on the show and get answers from two professionals who have worked in the business long enough to identify new trends and understand the ways to use them.

However, I think the event was especially useful to our new first semester students who are just beginning to learn about the value of social media and its impact on the world of public relations.

That said, though, I would love to hear from any of them about what they thought of the show and the growth of social media. Perhaps they might have some valuable insight which we all could learn from. Any of you guys have a comment?

(The picture provided was taken from Inside PR ( and shot by Gary Schlee)